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What to do in a Pandemic – Advice from FACTS Students

FACTS students meet weekly in small learning communities to focus on social and emotional learning. One activity had them thinking about what they do to relieve stress and relax. They brainstormed the following list. 

“What to do in a Pandemic” – Advice from 5th – 8th Graders at FACTS 

Go for a walk but stay six foot

Watch anime

Jump rope

You can relax, watch scary movies, and study.

Treat yourself when you finish your classwork with video games or a video

I would jog in place.

Stay active

Make a goal and set a deadline

Learn a new skill (cooking, painting)

Eat cheese puffs

Listen to your favorite music! (It can be calm or chaotic–your choice!)

Read A Book Let time pass…

Have safe contact with your friends

Eating candy – Have a SNACK!!!

Go into a closet and bring your mobile with you so you won’t get paranoid because so many people are there.

Find peaceful activities

Stay home and don’t interact with people who don’t live in your house

Bake/Make Food

Exercise to relieve stress: Push-ups, Jump rope, Meditation

Bake with family

Lock your door in case your brother annoys you when they come in your room

I would play a game with my sister.

Do things u like

Read a book! (You can reread a favorite book or read a new book that you’ve never read before!)

When your siblings are bothering you, you should play with them.

Walk In A Park!

If siblings are annoying you: Annoy them back, pretend to not hear them, prank them,

Make sure to watch shows that aren’t about a pandemic so you don’t get anxious.


Wear whatever you want. (No uniform)

Play an instrument if you have one

Bribe my sister to stop bothering me.

Sleep whenever you’d like to

Find yourself a hobby like sewing or baking

Make a film

Bond with siblings

Write a story! (Writing helps me calm down when I’m stressed, so you can try it out too!)

If you are lonely at home, you can post messages on social media to text to your friends.

Decorate Your Mask – Draw on it!

Workout at home

Make sure to call family and friends to not feel isolated.


Re-decorate your room

Take at least 1 hour off the screen each day to read or to bother your siblings

Sit on things that feel nice to you

Help your parents out with chores

Attempt a challenge

Try new things

Talk to someone if you are stressed

If you have troubles with your schoolwork or homework, you can always email your teachers for help.

Learn Something New!

Taking a longer shower

Have time to play/be silly

Have a pet to comfort you.

Stay in touch with teachers

Order food, clothes, essentials instead of going out to get them, it’s less risky.

When it’s your birthday get a whole cake because you deserve it – YOUR birthday is at home!

You can play with your toys, and let your siblings join.

 Study on your computer to learn new things                                     

What to do when you want to get fit: do yoga, do random dances, run, do chores


Make origami

When you feel bored at home, you can always take a walk.

Stay calm, eat and play video games. Repeat.