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Board of Trustees Meeting: Wednesday, March 15,  2023 at 6:30 pm. The March 15 Board meeting will be held at 1023 Callowhill Street/Philadelphia, PA 19123.

The FACT Charter School Board of Trustees meets the third Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm. All Board meetings are open to the public. Members of the public are invited to speak at Board Meetings during the Public Comment section of the meeting. To request interpretation at an upcoming Board meeting, please call the FACTS front office at 215-569-2600. Please make your request at least ten days in advance if possible.

FACT 特许学校董事会在每个月的第三个星期三下午 6:30 举行会议。所有董事会会议均向公众开放。在会议的公众意见部分,邀请公众在董事会会议上发言。 如需在即将召开的董事会会议上要求口译,请致电 FACTS 前台,电话 215-569-2600。如果可能,请至少提前十天提出您需要口译的要求。

Yayasan Sekolah FACTS rapat di minggu ketiga hari Rabu setiap bulan jam 6:30 pm. Rapat yayasan dibuka untuk umum. Anggota umum boleh berbicara saat rapat yayasan di bagian Public comment saat rapat berlangsung. Untuk meminta penerjemah di rapat yayasan yang akan datang harap hubungi kantor sekolah di 215 569 2600. Harap beritahu kantor sekolah 10 hari sebelum rapat.

La Mesa Directiva de FACT Charter School se reúne el tercer miércoles de cada mes a las 6:30 pm. Todas las reuniones de la Junta están abiertas al público. Los miembros del público están invitados a hablar en las reuniones de la Junta durante la sección de comentarios públicos de la reunión. Para solicitar interpretación en una próxima reunión de la Junta, llame a la oficina principal de FACTS al 215-569-2600. Si es posible, haga su solicitud con al menos diez días de anticipación.

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Pooja Agarwal, Governance Committee (Policy), Board Member since 2018

Pooja sought a role on the board of FACTS to further her support for the immigrant and refugee communities of Philadelphia who make up a large part of the FACTS family.  Pooja Agarwal is an attorney in Philadelphia.  While currently practicing in the corporate world, she has over 13 years of experience in immigration law, primarily working with people seeking asylum in the United States on a pro bono basis.  Since 2009, Pooja has worked as volunteer attorney at HIAS PA, a local non-profit dedicated to immigration legal services and refugee resettlement in Philadelphia. She has a B.A. in economics-philosophy from Columbia University and law degrees from Brooklyn Law School and the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Law.


Leana Cabral, Development Committee, Board Member since 2022

Leana is aligned with and inspired by FACTS’ mission of drawing on and uplifting student’s home and community cultures as part of the school curriculum as well as its commitment to social justice and educational equity. Leana Cabral is currently a Research Associate at Philadelphia-based education research organization, Research for Action and has extensive experience working in out-of-school settings as an educator and administrator as well as in school settings as a researcher. Additionally, she is a PhD candidate at Teachers College, Columbia University in Sociology and Education and her research interests include the racial politics of public education, K-12 educational inequality and educational program evaluation and she is committed to educational and racial justice and equity for all students. Leana is also a proud board member of Philly Student Union.


Jeff Koung, Development Committee, Board Member since 2022

Jeff is committed to FACTS and its mission to serve students of diverse backgrounds and build a more equitable future for everyone. As a first generation Asian American, Jeff’s experiences growing up in Philadelphia have shaped his values and passions. Jeff recognizes that everyone does not have the same opportunities – this is especially true for people of color, immigrants, and refugees due to language barriers, cultural differences, and racial biases. This difference in equity is the driving force of Jeff’s passion to help marginalized people by creating a more equitable future for everyone. Jeff is an analytics and strategy professional at PwC based in Philadelphia and has over 10 years of experience using data to drive fact-based decision making. Jeff also serves as the community impact lead for the Pan Asian Community Inclusion Network at PwC where he works to connect volunteers with local non-profits.

Xu Lin, Governance Committee (Nominations), Board Member since 2019

Xu Lin dreamed of a school like FACTS for his peers and himself when he immigrated to America and entered a Philadelphia public school. He experienced first hand how lack of funding and advocacy disproportionately affected immigrant and racial minority students. Following high school, Xu became a community organizer and youth organizer who worked in the Philadelphia Chinese community on a variety of issues: affordable housing, race relations, school violence, and public education. Xu is currently a business owner and a proud father of two.

Selina Morales, Board Chair, Governance Committee (Nominations), Board Member since 2015

Selina is committed to FACTS because through the school’s curriculum and culture she sees a community-centered path to a more just and equitable future. Selina Morales is a public folklorist who consults nationally on projects at the intersection of community aesthetics and social justice. For nearly a decade, she worked with the Philadelphia Folklore Project (a FACTS Founding organization), for 5 years as Director. She is faculty in the Masters of Cultural Sustainability program at Goucher College, and on the Advisory Council to the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. In 2017, Selina was honored as one of the Delaware Valley’s 50 Most Influential Latinos. 

Nancy Nguyen, Development Committee, Board Member since 2022

Nancy Dung Nguyen is committed to the long-term vision of FACTS as a deeply community-embedded institution that supports holistic and folk arts based learning for our students, and supporting them in understanding their role as active participants in working for a just society. Locally, Nancy is with VietLead as the Executive Director and one of its co-founders. VietLead empowers the community through youth empowerment and organizing through a lens of social justice and anti-violence, health promotion and navigation, civic engagement, and community building projects. She has 10+ years of experience as an organizer, non-profit leader in Philadelphia and Camden. Nationally, Nancy currently serves as the National Campaign Director for the Southeast Asian Freedom Network, with the mission to end Southeast Asian deportation in this generation.

Neeta Patel, Board Treasurer/Vice Chair, Finance Committee, Board Member since 2016

As one of FACTS Founders, Neeta is deeply committed to its mission and values the role folk arts plays in fostering a caring community that encompasses multiple languages, cultures, and generations; in nurturing creativity; and in honing academic skills in service towards building a more fair and peaceful world.  She also brings hands-on experience, having served as FACTS’s inaugural Operations Officer where she developed and directed FACTS non-instructional programs. Neeta currently works as a consultant and has over three decades of experience working with Philadelphia’s refugee and immigrant communities as an administrator, advocate, educator, fundraiser, and organizer in various organizations including Asian Americans United, one of FACTS founding organizations. She earned a BA from Haverford College, and an MPA from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. 


Alan Phan, Development Committee, Board Member since 2019

Alan is a strong supporter of diversity, equity, and inclusion and FACTS’ mission to invest in the under-served Chinatown community and the students of our future. Alan Phan is an IT Professional at Chubb Insurance based in Philadelphia.  He has over 15 years of experience in IT audit, security, and risk management working across various industries.  Alan has served on several boards and held leadership roles on diversity and inclusion programs for multiple organizations.  He currently serves as a board member for Temple University’s ITACS Masters Program advising on curriculum planning, recruiting, mentoring, and eventual placement of graduates.  Additionally, Alan holds a leadership position for Chubb’s Asian Alliance employee resource group advocating for greater awareness and equity for the Asian community and their allies through training, knowledge sharing, collaborative events, and celebrations.


Thierry Elin-Saintine, Governance Committee (Policy), Board Member since 2020

Thierry is excited to be a member of the FACTS family and be a part of the school’s fight to make “belonging” an integral part of its mission and philosophy of education. Thierry is an assistant professor of mathematics and First-Year Studies program at Stockton University. He teaches courses on quantitative reasoning, algebraic modeling, and academic identity construction. His research focuses on identity as belonging, mathematics education, urban education, and clinical empathy. Whether learning about housing inequity from homeless Philadelphians at a public library, or studying the meaning of clinical empathy from people living with dementia, or exploring the pervasiveness and depths of institutional racism in mathematics education, I have been fortunate to be part of budding movements in educational research (and the social sciences) helping to rewrite America’s social imaginary–the range of possible identities available to certain groups in this country. I hope to continue this work as a member of the FACTS community. 


Allaire Wohlgemuth, Development Committee & Governance Committee (Nominations), Board Member since 2018 

Allaire was a former employee of FACTS and has remained dedicated to the model of a school as a hub for community advocacy.   Allaire is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and currently leads a new initiative in The School District of Philadelphia that places teams of mental health supports in select District schools.  She has spent over two decades serving children and families in Philadelphia as a teacher and a social worker in school, court, outpatient and hospital settings.  Allaire brings to the FACTS board her knowledge and experience around mental health, trauma informed communities and restorative practices.  Allaire graduated from Swarthmore College with a dual major in Elementary Education and Sociology and also has her Masters of Social Service from Bryn Mawr College.  She is currently working towards her Principal’s Certification at Drexel University. 



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The FACTS Board will meet in person at 1023 Callowhill St./Philadelphia, PA 19123 on: 9/21/22, 12/21/22, 3/15/23, 6/21/23.

The FACTS Board will meet via zoom on: 7/20/22, 8/17/22, 10/19/22, 11/16/22, 1/18/23, 2/15/23, 4/19/23, 5/17/23.

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Committee Meetings: Please call 215-569-2600 to get the zoom link for committee meetings and to verify that a committee meeting is occurring. 

  • The Governance Committee will meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 1:30 pm via Zoom.
  • The Development Committee will meet on the first Thursday of every month at 4:00 pm via Zoom.
  • The Finance Committee will meet on the Wednesday of the week prior to the Board meeting at 12:30 pm at 1023 Callowhill Street.

Members of the public are invited to attend all FACTS Board of Trustees meetings.


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