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For Families & Caregivers

Family Reading Night at FACTS – photo of parent and kids

Family Reading Night at FACTS

Welcome FACTS Families and Caregivers!

We’re in this together.

Family • Community • School. Together we help our children grow as people and as learners. Here is information that can help families support their students’ success at FACTS.

Parent Engagement at FACTS is:

Being Involved in Your Child’s Education
moms and dads doing Singapore Math alongside their children • families practicing Chinese by going out for a night of Chinese Karaoke • putting on PJs to practice reading stories out loud

Knowing Your Rights
gathering with other parents for an ESOL students’ rights quiz show • parents of 8th graders coming together to learn about applying to high schools • asking for interpretation at a report card conference and knowing you’ll get it

Partnering with Your Child’s Teachers
getting a visit from your child’s teacher, just because s/he wants to get to know you • encouraging your child to read every night • giving input about what works and doesn’t work to encourage your child’s success