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The FACTS Board of Trustees decided that FACTS will open in the 2020-21 hybrid model on April 14, 2021 conditional on:

  • Community Spread: If 99 new cases or fewer per 100,000 (7 day total)
  • AND teachers who want the vaccine have had the opportunity to be vaccinated in time for inoculation to be effective by 4/14/2021.

If the conditions are not met for reopening on April 14, the school will not reopen for in person instruction for the duration of the 2020-21 school year.

Parent/Community Meeting
Wednesday, March 3 at 6:30 pm

Come to learn more about FACTS’s plans for Spring reopening. 

Zoom Links:

  • For English (with Spanish, Indonesian, and Arabic Interpretation): 

Meeting ID: 936 7632 2150

  • For Mandarin:

Meeting ID: 986 2562 2265

For those unable to attend, this meeting will be recorded, and we will share a link via portals.


“Giving meaning to the lives of our children in the present while preparing them to become active citizens in a democratic society” – Grace Lee Boggs


The Folk Arts – Cultural Treasures Charter School comes out of a history of struggle for:
equity and justice for Asian American students and immigrant and refugee students of all races in the public schools; public investment and public space in the under-served Chinatown community; public schooling that engages children as active participants in working for a just society. FACTS provides students in grades K-8 with an exemplary education that utilizes traditional arts and cultures found within their own and neighboring communities as the catalyst for critical inquiry and community engagement.



The FACTS Board of Trustees has decided that the school will not open in February. We continue to monitor the COVID situation and are committed to communicating with our school community as soon as we see the possibility of returning to school in person.




Dewan Pengawas FACTS telah memutuskan bahwa sekolah tidak akan dibuka pada bulan Februari. Kami terus memantau situasi COVID dan berkomitmen untuk berkomunikasi dengan komunitas sekolah kami segera setelah kami melihat kemungkinan untuk kembali ke sekolah.


La Mesa Directiva de FACTS ha decidido que la escuela no abrirá en febrero. Continuamos monitoreando la situación de COVID y estamos comprometidos a comunicarnos con nuestra comunidad escolar tan pronto como veamos la posibilidad de regresar a la escuela en persona.


قرر مجلس أمناء FACTS أن المدرسة لن تفتح في فبراير. نواصل مراقبة حالة COVID ونلتزم بالتواصل مع مجتمع مدرستنا بمجرد أن نرى إمكانية العودة إلى المدرسة شخصيًا.


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Folk Arts – Cultural Treasures Charter School PLEDGE

We care for one another & learn together.
There is no limit to what we can learn.
Our families & our elders know important things & we take time to learn from them.
We learn to help ourselves & our community.
We learn to be strong & act with courage.
All people, have a right to use their own languages & honor their own cultures.
Creative expression is part of our lives & part of our school.
We work to build a fair & peaceful world.
The earth is our home & we must take care of it.

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