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Teaching & Learning

Students at FACTS doing African Drumming

Students at FACTS doing African Drumming

How Do We Teach?

It’s a team effort.

At FACTS, teachers can go with their passion and with their strength. Each child has a team of teachers – one who has a special love of math and science, and another whose passion is English Language Arts. These teachers can focus on mastering the craft of teaching their specialty.

Add to this an ESOL teacher and a Special Education teacher and you have a team that can pull together to look at how to meet the needs of each child – and from many different angles and with many different skills.

“The biggest advantage overall to a co-teaching model is other viewpoints. Another way to look at the same information, or the strategies you’re using, or the students in front of you.” – Teacher Debbie

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Students learn better when they’re part of a caring community

We take the time to build a sense of community and to teach children about how to be respectful, cooperative and caring community members. But it is worth the investment.

  • A cooperative and caring learning environment strengthens academic achievement.
  • We help build character and teach social skills that children will use for the rest of their lives.
  • To build a more just society, we need to nurture a sense of justice among our children.

Our teachers are learners too.

“As a school we are incredibly reflective. And I’m always thinking, ‘How could I do that better?’” – Teacher Janice

“I want to let my students know that we’re learning all the time too.” – Teacher Kao

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