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The Annual Fund is a vital component of FACTS’ financial stability supplying unrestricted revenue to the school each year. Annual Fund gifts support every student and every teacher, as well as the curricular programs that make FACTS unique: Folk Arts, Chinese Language, and our model English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). With strong Annual Fund support from the FACTS community, we can continue to provide students with an educational experience that:

  • Raises their academic achievement and ability to think critically and creatively;
  • Affirms language, traditional arts, and culture;
  • Nurtures values of compassion and kindness;
  • Instills a commitment to taking responsibility for themselves and their communities;
  • Recognizes parents, elders, and community members as a constant presence in the lives of students; and
  • Inspires a vision of justice and fairness and the courage to pursue them.

Your participation matters! Every gift is appreciated and high participation demonstrates the commitment of the FACTS community to supporting our students and teachers. 

Donate by clicking here or contact Rebecca Rathje, Director of Development, at or 215-569-2600 x 1035, for more information.


Big News! FACTS ranked Number One among K-8 schools in Philadelphia for the 2013-14 year on the Philadelphia School District’s new School Progress Report.

I feel we don’t need a formula to know we are doing good work. Every day I see the joy in children’s faces and the learning that goes on here. . . But it does feel good to be validated!

These days, high stakes tests and budget cuts are driving more and more schools to do away with art and music. The pressure for schools to perform well on tests leads many to focus only on academics. But here at FACTS, we take time for children to learn about how to take care of their communities, to take pride in themselves, to sing and make art.

I hope that our high ranking by the School District will help make the argument for the importance of practices that make FACTS so special, such as:

·         Putting effort into building a strong school community;

·         Affirming students’ cultures and identities;

·         Creating time and space for staff reflection and collaborative practice;

·         Balancing the academic and social development of students;

·         Setting high expectations for students with a rigorous and engaging curriculum;

·         Caring for the growth and progress of the whole child.

Thank you so much for all your support, and thank you for providing the space and conditions to create such a safe, warm learning environment for all. I am genuinely grateful to be part of this community. Congratulations to all!

Principal Pheng 

For more information on the School Progress Report (SPR), you may visit:

Great News!!!

The National Charter School Resource Center recently highlighted FACTS in a multi-media case study. Click here to read the case study and watch the videos! 

A copy of FACTS' Draft Comprehensive Plan (7/1/14 - 6/30/17) is now available.
Please click here to read the PDF.

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