an education that engages students with culture & community

Team-Based Learning and Teaching

Team-Based Learning and Teaching Our team-based learning and teaching model emphasizes a collective approach to understanding how each child in the school progresses in key academic areas. In each grade, 2 teachers share 2 classes of students. One teacher teaches English Language Arts and another teaches Math and Science. Both teachers are responsible for teaching Social Studies. Teachers loop with their classes for 2 years. In this academic program, we focus on six week long integrated units of study. The school wide themes throughout the year are: „X Community „X Multiple Perspectives „X War and Peace „X Art and the Imagination „X Our Environment „X Journeys Teacher Collaboration Our school emphasizes the importance and strength of teacher collaboration. Teachers work cooperatively to support and build their instructional program. Teachers also meet regularly in content groupings and meetings also occur with ESL and Special Education teachers who support the content teaching. In addition, opportunities are provided for teachers to observe and provide feedback on one another’s work.