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Science FACTS uses two programs to help support our science education. Singapore Science ensures that we give students a fundamental breadth of scientific learning. Full Option Science supports the inquiry based science investigations that give our students depths in scientific knowledge and helps students discover and learn the scientific method of critical thinking. Science- It’s Elementary We were selected to participate in Governor Rendell’s initiative to promote inquiry based science exploration into schools through the Science: It’s Elementary Program. The program provides intensive professional development, high quality instructional material and other supports designed to promote effective and engaging inquiry-based science classrooms for elementary school students. The program gives our teachers access to state-of-the-art, research-based curriculum and instructional materials; enables our students to conduct scientific experiments throughout the school year; and provide intensive training to teachers to help transform their classrooms into science laboratories. SPARK FACTS also partners with the University of Pennsylvania to provide extra-curricular opportunities in science throughout the school year and in the summer