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Welcome to the Folk Arts-Cultural Treasures Charter School!


Every year, FACTS celebrates the value of fun and play. Although we are separated this year, we will still want all students and staff to join together in play.

On Friday, May 29 PlayDay, all students go to:

PlusPortals/Your Class Page –> Physical Education Class Page

  •      Playday 2020 Menu
  •      PlayDay 2020 Playlist
  •      PlayDay Student Scorecard

These 3 items will guide you through the day.



For fun and easy-to-access activities to do at home, please check out the new “Learn & Play at Home” page on FACTS’s website: We will keep adding to this page. We hope that it can become a place for you or your student to quickly find stories, songs, exercise, and other videos and activities.



要在家中进行有趣且易于访问的活动,请在FACTS网站上查看新的“在家学习与娱乐”页面:。 我们将继续添加到此页面。 我们希望它可以成为您或您的学生快速查找故事,歌曲,练习以及其他视频和活动的地方。



Para actividades divertidas y de fácil acceso, consulte la nueva página “Learn & Play at Home” (Aprender y jugar en casa) en el sitio web de FACTS: Seguiremos agregándole a esta página. Esperamos que pueda convertirse en un lugar para que usted o su estudiante encuentren rápidamente historias, canciones, ejercicios y otros videos y actividades.


صفحة الموقع للأنشطة الممتعة:

للقيام بأنشطة ممتعة وسهولة الوصول إليها في المنزل، يرجى الاطلاع على صفحة “تعلم والعب في المنزل” الجديدة على موقع فاكتس: home-at- .سوف نستمر في الإضافة إلى هذه الصفحة. نأمل أن تصبح مكانًا لكم أو لطالبكم للعثور بسرعة على القصص والأغاني والتمارين الرياضية ومقاطع الفيديو والأنشطة الأخرى.



Untuk aktifitas yang menyenangkan dan mudah di dapat untuk dilakukan dirumah, harap di lihat di Website Sekolah FACTS di halaman depan “Learn & Play at Home”: Kami akan terus menambahkan lembaran baru dalam halaman ini. Kami berharap anda dan anak anda dapat mendapatkan cerita cerita, lagu lagu, latihan oalh raga, dan video atau aktivitas lainnya.


FACTS will remain closed for the rest of the school year.


Sekolah FACTS akan tutup sampai akhir tahun ajaran ini 

FACTS permanecerá cerrada durante el resto del año escolar.

ستبقى مدرسة فاكتس مغلقة حتى نهاية السنة الدراسية.


Family communication Tech distribution

Apa yang anda perlu ketahui mengenaik Sekolah FACTS pinjaman peralatan teknologi kepada keluarga.

ما تحتاجون إلى معرفته عن قروض فاكتس حول التكنولوجيا للأسر

• Lo que necesita saber sobre los préstamos de tecnología de FACTS para las familias



“Giving meaning to the lives of our children in the present while preparing them to become active citizens in a democratic society” – Grace Lee Boggs

The Folk Arts – Cultural Treasures Charter School comes out of a history of struggle for:
equity and justice for Asian American students and immigrant and refugee students of all races in the public schools; public investment and public space in the under-served Chinatown community; public schooling that engages children as active participants in working for a just society. FACTS provides students in grades K-8 with an exemplary education that utilizes traditional arts and cultures found within their own and neighboring communities as the catalyst for critical inquiry and community engagement.

 Parent, Student, and Staff  Plus Portals – Click for login link.

Folk Arts – Cultural Treasures Charter School Pledge

We care for one another & learn together.
There is no limit to what we can learn.
Our families & our elders know important things & we take time to learn from them.
We learn to help ourselves & our community.
We learn to be strong & act with courage.
All people, have a right to use their own languages & honor their own cultures.
Creative expression is part of our lives & part of our school.
We work to build a fair & peaceful world.
The earth is our home & we must take care of it.

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